What Bob Dole Taught Us

Upon the passing for Senator Robert Dole, I wrote a piece for Forbes.com about the man and his service to the nation. You can read it here.

Thinking further on Doe’s life, I want to draw up five lessons his example teaches us.

Value sacrifice. Bob Dole grew up in Russell, Kansas. He was called to service in World War II and served bravely, suffering grave wounds. As a Senator he worked hard for veteran’s rights.

Work hard with others. Bob Dole was a fierce partisan, but not so fierce that he was not able to see the better angels of others on the other side of the aisle. His cause was not a better party, but a better America.

Don’t bear grudges. Fellow World War II veteran George H.W. Bush was a fierce rival for the presidency. The two sparred often, but when the political game was over, the two become fast friends. Dole’s salute to President Bush’s casket is testimony to his respect and friendship.

Laugh at yourself. Bob Dole did not filter himself very well, but when he made a gaffe, he apologized, often with a joke at his own expense. He also penned a book on political humor.

Know your purpose. Service to the nation was his calling, from his days in the Army to his days in the Senate, Bob Dole knew that he was elected to serve the people, not the other way around.

Godspeed, Bob Dole.

First posted on LinkedIn 12.12.2021