The Leader’s Path (ai)

The road is long, the way unsure, 

Yet still I forge ahead each day. 

With purpose strong and vision pure, 

I guide my team along the way.

No obstacle can block our route.

No setback can our spirits shake. 

Each challenge makes our will take root, 

And models courage we can make.

I walk beside in storm and strife, 

To lift them when their strength grows faint. 

I show the light to better life, 

Where justice and compassion reign.

This path unfurls before our feet. 

We tread as one, our bond grows tight. 

Our shared commitment is complete – 

Together we will climb the height.

The summit gleams bright up above 

This landscape steep and filled with care. 

But with our hearts aligned in love, 

The peak shines promise rich and rare.

Onward still our expedition goes, 

Past doubt and pain without a halt. 

The leader’s road itself bestows 

The grace to persist without fault.

Stay true, stay fast, stay by my side, 

The way now opens up anew! 

Take heart my friends, and stride with pride – 

The leader’s path belongs to you.

This poem was generated by the Baldoni ChatBot that draws upon the library of my published works.