Martin Lindstrom: Minister of Common Sense

You don’t just read Martin Lindstrom, you laugh with Martin Lindstrom.

Here’s his new book The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses and Corporate B.S.

Let me give you a little taste.

Have you ever gotten locked out of your computer while you’re at work?

Well, the good news is, according to IT, is that support is available on the website.

Or how about this one?

Big box retailers pride themselves on stocking common merchandise.

Well, why is it that one big box retailer puts snow removal equipment in Florida?

A lack of common sense, I would think.

“The Ministry of Common Sense” is about those foibles that keep good companies from being even better.

It’s a good look at human nature.

And no surprise, because Martin is a student of human nature.

He’s studied more than 3,000 people in customer interactions to find out their behavior.

But Martin, above all, has a deep love for all of us as people.

And this book “The Ministry of Common Sense” talks about how we can get better if we think more clearly.

It’s a good read. It’s enjoyable.

It will tell you a lot about yourself… and show you a way you can get even better.


Here’s a link to my most recent interview with Martin on my LinkedIn Live show.

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